heading east

17th Jan 2019 – artist talk and dry set (19th Jan), Soundpocket, Hong Kong, China

20th Jan 2019 – Wet Sounds at Macau Fringe, China

24th – 29th Jan 2019 – Wet Sounds at Fringe World, Perth, WA, Australia

16th Feb – 3rd Mar 2019 – Wet Sounds at Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide, SA, Australia


Aquadelique 2018

AQUADELIQUE  (CD/Vinyl/MP3) – Listen here
New album of the music I play on Wet Sounds release by Adaadat Records.

Review here:

“This is a treat for for those exploring their autonomous sensory meridian response.”

“This is an active listen, for both highs, lows, and a variety of cascading microsounds that weave through these wonderful passages”

“In the end it’s sculpted into a far-out abstraction that is quite rare – an enjoyable and challenging listen. It’s a quirky, perky conclusion that will ring in my ears for hours. Turn it up!”

Upcoming shows as Pluton Ovarian
9th Dec: Green Rooms Hotel, London
21st Oct: Crux Surround Sound at Ex Fed Building, London

Upcoming live shows as Wet Sounds
7th Oct: St George’s Pool, London
14th Oct: No Bounds Festival, Sheffield
9th Nov: The Well Spa, Oslo
20th Jan 2019: Macau Fringe
24th – 29th Jan: Fringe World, Perth, Australia
16th Feb – 3rd March – Adelaide Fringe Australia

Sept 2018: Release of Aquadelique. on Adaadat Records on CD and vinyl. Listen on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and others

7th June 2018. 8pm Live abstract electronica set at The Glove That Fits
15th June 2018. Vinyl based live mash ups as part of the Young Blood Initiative

Intensive weekend workshops at the London Film School:
9-10 June: Location Sound Recording
16-17 June: Audio Post Production

1st – 5th March 2018: Playing Wet Sounds at Adelaide Fringe
10th Feb 2017: Playing at Wet Sounds at Cheltenham Leisure
17th Nov 2017: Playing at Wet Sounds (relaxation mode) at The Well Spa in Oslo, Norway.
8th Oct 2017: Playing at Wet Sounds in London’s Ironmongers Row Baths
1st Sept 2017: Gig at Uganda, Tel Aviv with Rebecca Horrox
26th Feb 2017: Playing at Wet Sounds in London’s Ironmongers Row Baths
4th Nov 2016: Playing at Wet Sounds in The Well Spa in Oslo, Norway
24th Oct 2016: Playing at Wet Sounds at the Red Bull Music Academy event in Montreal, Canada.
22nd Sept 2016: Will be showing new and recent work at a group show in Gate 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel.
14th Sept 2016: Playing as Beit Ha’eshtonot at the Zimmer, Tel Aviv, Israel.
28th Aug 2016: I’ll be playing at Wet Sounds in Peterborough Lido
25th July 2016: I’ll be playing at Wet Sounds in Tooting Leisure Centre at 7am.
25th June 2016: I will be playing a live abstract mash up at the No Quiet Place event in Leeds

Upcoming live shows

13th May 2016::: Wet Sounds at Bretigney, France

10th April 2016::: Wet Sounds at Borderline Festival, Athens

18th March 2016::: Live Bowie abstract mash up, Apiary, Hackney Road, London

6th March 2016::: Wet Sounds at Kentish Town Leisure Centre, London

13th Feb 2016::: Wet Sounds at Coastival, Scarborough

29th Nov 2015::: Wet Sounds at Kentish Town Pool

15th Nov 2015::: A solo set at Indiefada, for the Palestinian liberation cause at the Shackelwell Arms, Dalston, London

11th Nov 2015::: Playing as part of the Rummaging Orchestra at the Sanctum in Bristol.

The Oneironaut – new geolocative sound walk

The-Oneironaut-app-icon 1024THE ONEIRONAUT

New geo-locative sound walk app in Chalkwell park.

We spend 11% of our existence dreaming, a full month of each year, that’s more time than we spend eating. While the body lies still the mind wanders, free of limitations of time and space. This story poses the possibility that a conscious dreaming mind could share other people’s real waking experiences.

The Oneironaut, a dream traveller, reawakens perpetually into a dream. Confusing memories and reality, he tries to use dream logic to return to his sleeping body. As he occupies your consciousness, he guides you through the park and through to his realisation of the somber truth.


Get the app here for iPhone for Android



‘Cahen’s dream traveller stimulates my imagination, directing me to details I would have missed, pasting eerie parallel dream worlds onto a cold, grey weekend morning in suburbia’ – THE WIRE 384 / Jan 2016


‘Joel Cahen’s magic realist The Oneironaut in the most immersive app… with details from the park acting as narrative triggers. Dedications on benches become the mantras of an unseen ritualistic gathering. Large circular flowerbeds become burial sites where sound is looped and layered. Crashes and clatters combine with eerie female voices, a dense hum and fragments of a drunk male voice singing a shanty of sorts. I feel I’ve disturbed some spirits which quieten as I step back onto the path. – THE WIRE 384 / Jan 2016

The Committee at Altered States

My film The Committee is being screened as part of Altered States TheCommittee-img1

Altered States / Electro Studios Project Space / 29th-30th August 2015

Electro Studios, Seaside Road, West St Leonards, TN38 0AL
Sat 29 August from 6pm – 10pm
Sun 30 August from 2pm – 6pm

Altered States continues at Butlers Gap, George Street, Old Town, TN34 3EE on Sat 5 September from 8pm

Altered States forms part of the 2015 Coastal Currents Arts Festival film programme.

For more information visit: http://coastalcurrents.org.uk/altered-states/

Altered States is an immersive multi-screen show of the latest experimental film and video work curated by the Hastings-based filmmakers Toby Tatum and Mark French. Altered States features moving image by over seventy of the most fascinating international moving image practitioners working today, much of it unseen in the UK.

This exhibition includes the fruits of a worldwide search for works that articulate film’s power to initiate heightened states of consciousness, transporting us across the threshold into a mind-expanding visionary state. The programme features a selection of cutting edge films that imaginatively reshape the base materials of the everyday world into something rich and strange.

New residency as part of the Embedded programme by Sound and Music

I will be taking part in the year long Embedded programme initiated by Sound and Music in London and involving Huddersfield University and CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico. The residency will focus on various applications of sound using game engines and will result in presentation in Huddersfield and Morelia.