Three events exploring simultaneous playback.
At the Library (01Dec).
At the Apiary(25Nov).
On the Radio(18Nov).

Sound is perceived simultaneously, it is omni-directional. Its easier to recognise patterns in a sound collage than in a visual collage, although the peephole of attention can remain similarly wide/narrow.

The occurrence of a simultaneous sound collage is constantly being perceived. There is a constant state of Gestalt Listening, whereby sound content is heard and regarded as a whole, informing of the cultural or environmental context and space it is perceived in. The coherence of the context the sounds occur in, slots them into distinct coherent patterns. When there is a discordance between the context, and its expected patterns, and the sound heard, then it can sound like Cacophony.

In the context of a sound event called Cacophony, the invited artists are at liberty to design sound collages with little reference to any familiar patterns and regard subjective cultural or contextual association in sound as a valid element in composition. It expands its use beyond the casual sequenced and sampled to create a meta-composition that encourages Gestalt listening – expanding the listeners’ attention to include the omniphonic and synchronous attributes of sound perception.

From Iakov Chernikhov’s – The Elements of Form (1927)
The fundamentals of Constructivism consist of all the various possible kinds of unions by which elements can be combined into a structure.

Each kind of union is in essence simple, but especially when supplemented by dynamics, they can create complex combinations which amaze us with the refinement and richness of their form.