A History of Sound Collage

PART ONE Sound collages until 1969 – 41min[audio http://www.newtoy.org/mp3s/MIXES/AHoSC1.mp3]

PART TWO Sound collages from 1970 – 65min[audio http://www.newtoy.org/mp3s/MIXES/AHoSC2.mp3]

Podcasts surveying the history of sound collage since the begining.

The program mentions three types of sound collages.

[] Sequential sound collage that uses an editing technique that is not dissimilar to film editing technique which later developed to Electroacoustic and Acousmatic music. (most Musique Concréte, cut ups, Negativland, Cassetteboy etc)

[] Sound collage that augments a particular rhythm, musical and narrative theme (some hip hop, bastard pop, 2manyDJs, dancefloor mash ups, most music that has elements of sound collage)

[] Simultaneous sound collage which superimposes layers of different musical sources over each other.

The last category is the one this podcast focuses on for the latter half of the 20th Century until today.
Warning:: PART ONE is a bit more of a difficult listen due to the experimental and conceptual nature of the sound collages in the early days.

Music by: Spax, François Bayle, Mozart, Pierre Schaefer, Pierre Henry, Walter Ruttmann, Edgar Varese, Arthur Lyman, Charles Ives, Tristan Tzara, John Cage, , Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Bernard Parmegianni, The Beatles, Timothy Leary and Ash Ra, Pink Floyd, The Residents, Christian Marclay, Wim Wenders, Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa, John Oswald, Marilyn Manson, Lionel Marchetti, Calibri Necrophile, Joseph Hammer and Joel Cahen.