Soundsoup new season

New season of Soundsoup on Resonance 104.4fm London or


an improvised mash up mix >> first show here!

Soundsoup 07 Jan 2013: Ingredients: John Zorn> Spax> Red Stars over Tokyo> Cannibal Ox> Zavoloka> from Songs of Wales> Alec Empire> A_dontigny> Phil Collins> Midnight Oil> VVM> Focus> Lionel Marchetti & Olivier Caparos> Welsh church songs> Paul Okenfold & Justin Robertson>  Hazel O’connor> Anthony Tan> Christina Kubisch> Bernard Leitner> QRT> Offenbach> UI> BBC Sound Effects No. 5 – the sound of a Triumph 650cc> Country joe an the Fish> The Art Ensemble of Chicago> Sudden Infant> Fatima Miranda> Dick Raaijmaker> Vader Abrahams> Bobby Beausoleil> The Mekons> Conlon Nancarrow> Kozo Inada> Clannad> TV2> Wishbone Ash> cow’p & Dudsock> Alva Noto & Scanner> Nico> Talibam!

previous shows here


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