Liquid Vibrations – underwater listening sessions for children with special needs

I co-founded Liquid Vibrations with Adele Drake, former CEO of Drake Music, in 2010, we are a charity that promotes underwater listening sessions for children with special needs at hydrotherapy pools. We work with Watsu practitioner Steve Karle to facilitate the best relaxing listening positions.

The sessions are also observed and researched by Angela Voyajolu monitored by Prof. Adam Ockleford of the Applied Music Centre at Roehampton University. We have been supported by the Institute of Education and the Sounds of Intent programme in particular.

To date we have done sessions in:

2010, 2011: St Nicholas School in Canterbury. Supported by the Henry Smith Foundation

2013: The Redway School in Milton Keynes. Supported by SEMPRE and The Milton Keynes Foundation

2014: The Bridge Primary School in Camden. Supported by Sound Connections

We have seen excellent responses from the children, their carers and teachers and the schools. This positive feedback is encouraging us to continue. For more details or to see how you can help



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