AQUADELIQUE  (CD/Vinyl/MP3) – Listen here New album of the music I play on Wet Sounds release by Adaadat Records. Review here: “This is a treat for for those exploring their autonomous sensory meridian response.” “This is an active listen, for both highs, lows, and a variety of cascading microsounds that weave through these wonderful […]

The Oneironaut – new geolocative sound walk

THE ONEIRONAUT New geo-locative sound walk app in Chalkwell park. We spend 11% of our existence dreaming, a full month of each year, that’s more time than we spend eating. While the body lies still the mind wanders, free of limitations of time and space. This story poses the possibility that a conscious dreaming mind […]

New residency as part of the Embedded programme by Sound and Music

I will be taking part in the year long Embedded programme initiated by Sound and Music in London and involving Huddersfield University and CMMAS in Morelia, Mexico. The residency will focus on various applications of sound using game engines and will result in presentation in Huddersfield and Morelia.