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WET SOUNDS (since 2008)

Curating of three listening galleries over three years (2008, 2009 , 2011). Selection of sound work created especially for underwater listening. Curation of live performances throughout the years in the UK and Scandinavia Tours

2008 Tour Gallery [WATER]: Joel Cahen, Slavek Kwi, John Wynne, Tomoko Sauvage, Christopher Collier, Gabriel Prokofiev, Amie Slavin, Disinformation, La Horrox, M Teufen & V Marlini, Jockel Liess, Luthnahimat, Paul Rudy, Pei-Yu Shi, Yoshi Shinagawa, Kurt Aufermann, Klaus Osterwaldt, Markus Jones, Andreas Bick, F Geesin & A Wheddon. Live: Nurse With Wound, Andrew Liles and Ernesto Tomassini, La Couteau Jaune, Joel Cahen

2009 Tour Gallery [AUDIO CINEMA]: Hildegard Westerkamp, Eric De Luca, Michael McLoughlin, Sam Salem, Annie Goh, Mark Vernon, Slavek Kwi, Robin Edwards, Chris Collier (installation). Live: Neil Campbell, Joe Gilmore, Francisco Lopez & Stefano Tedesco, Leafcutter John & Tom Haines, Amir Shoat & Milo Taylor, Joel Cahen

2011 Tour Gallery [REVERSE]: Jessica Rowland, Liam Quinn, Daniel Blinkhorn, Julius Holtz, Riz Maslen, Philip Mantione. Live: Pierre Henry (new commission), Simon Whetham, Ryan Styles, Eric la Casa, Adrian Moore, Mira Calix & Andrea Parker, Cheapmachines, Joel Cahen

Wet Sounds first CD : includes selections from the first and second Listening Galleries
Available by mail order from or from Metamkine, and CDe Music



LCC, MA Sound Art Final Year Show at IMT Gallery  (2009)
The British Creative Exchange (2006)



A series of five multi-disciplinary events at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, London. The presentation was intended to inflict an overload of artistic presentation in form of performance, music, installation, interaction, dance, video and photography.



EVIL ART (2002 – 2004)

Co-curated with J Milo Taylor.
A series of five multi-disciplinary events at the church 291 Gallery on Hackney Road.

Luna Nera art installations and films visuals by WhiteRabbit and SDNA
amongst the live acts: Kawaii, No Neck Blues Band, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Black Poodle, Dual, Germseed, , Uniform, 2nd Gen, Crowdformation, 3play, Club of Rome, Semionaside, Gobsausage, Flea Pit Orchestra, The Rebel, Prophane, Addaadat Records and more

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