ws_brussels2Wet Sounds
Immersive sound experiences in water
Installing mostly in swimming pools, Wet Sounds transforms the space into a sound experience like no other. The water surface becomes a threshold between different music and different listening experiences. Featured at Red Bull Music Festival, Helsinki Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Macau Arts Festival and many more.


Arranged and composed by J Milo Taylor
Mixed by Joel Cahen

An engaging sound collage presenting an unique historical documentation of Sound Art from the early 20th century to present day. The composition weaves through different sound works throughout the century with narratives and ideas from some of the prominent artists in the field. A retrospective into the craft of sound and its development as an artistic practice, from Edison’s first sound film in 1895 to today, including the thoughts and concepts which served the basis for the creation of these works as spoken by the artists themselves.

The ‘Listening’ is generally accompanied by a programme which informs of the artists whose work and words are heard.

Exhibited at:

Zaher Lulu exhibition, Sha’ar 3 Gallery, Haifa, Israel | 22nd Sept – 5th Nov 2016
On the Edge of Perceptibility / Sound Art – International Sound Installation Exhibition in Budapest, 17th Oct. – 23rd Nov. 2014
All Tomorrows Parties, Butlins, Minehead, UK | 14 – 15 May 11
Vivid Gallery, Birmingham | 22-27 March 11
The Whitechapel Art Gallery | The Reading Room | 1 – 6 March 11
Phoenix Brighton | 3 March 11
Modern Art Oxford | Accompanied by a talk | 12 Feb 11
The Star and Shadow, Newcastle | 6 Feb 11
Bangor Museum | 25 – 28 Jan 11

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Video Audio work expanded from a live audiovisual installation at Terra Extremitas by Foolish People in NDSM Amsterdam Aug ’08


Duration: 13min
Format: DVD  1 – 4 channels
Large Projection/s stereo/quad sound
Also as a live performance with the video used as a backdrop

– • –

Sound for three photographs by Charles Gatewood:: a 40 year photograhic retrospective

Presented by Switch Theatre and A’Rebours at Gallery 32, 32 Charlotte Rd, EC2A 3PB
3rd – 24th Oct 2008::

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Video: Julian Ronnefeldt
Audio: Joel Cahen
A large walkthru fabric structure with corridors, rooms and various items. The structure is flooded with several projectons from different directions creating a surreal montage which changes depending on your position in the space.

Accompanying the visual  montage there is a surround sound audio collage.

NODE London at Area 10, London March 06;
T.R.O Berlin June 05;
Werkbeck, turmstrasse Berlin Oct 2005.

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Audio and Video matcher.
Radio plugged to PC. The user uses two dials on the radio to change the audio and video on the PC respectively. The videos are different to each other, excerpts of daily life. The audio pieces are very atmospheric short looping sections with accompanying familiar advert slogans. The different juxtapositions of the audio and video endows each piece with different meanings showing how our understanding of the visual is affected by its soundtrack and how the words and sound is informed by the visual.

[The video above is a recording of a random play, one of many combinations]

Exhibited at
The Foundry London, as part of Kronstadt 2004  (in collaboration with Luna Nera)
Someth;ng Interactive Design Show in Hoxton 8th July 2004.

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The user navigates with a joystick through surround sound spaces. Game environments created using binaural mics, sound effects, original music and text.

Presented at
The London Institute June 2004. In collaboration with Markus Quarta.

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Two Sound installations at the gorgeous interiors of St Pancras, London.

• A classical music mash up – a collage of works of Wagner, Rahmaninov, Prokopfiev and Mahler.
Played back from two mono sources at either end of a long corridor

• A soundscape background music collage depicting Berlin 1933.

Exhibited at
St. Pancras, Great Midland Hotel, 1-2 Nov. 2003.
Pangea & Luna Nera collaboration
More here

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Photographic exhibition of semi abstract images which rely on movement of the camera and exposure and not what was seen through the viewfinder.

Exhibited at
De Bolhoed, Amsterdam 2001
The Foundry, London 2001, 2002

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