cacophony-flyer_front_sExploring Cacophony and simultaneity in art through performance, installation and exhibition. more of the same as below.​
A multi-channel sound and light installation at a public library, sonifying the mute cacophonous space. Inspired by the library scene in Wings of Desire. The installation creates an experience that links fiction and sound.​
The invited artists are at liberty to design sound collages with little reference to any familiar patterns; and regard subjective, cultural or contextual association in sound as a valid element in composition.
It expands its use beyond the casual sequenced and sampled to create a meta-composition that encourages Gestalt listening – expanding the listeners’ attention to include the omniphonic and synchronous attributes of sound perception.
Installations / Performance
1st Dec 2011 | Westminster Reference Library – art library, London
Live sets by: Joel Cahen, Lionel Marchetti, Eric La Casa
Exhibition / Performance
Cacophony in installation, in quadrophonic sound and space on bean bags and in video​
Venue: The Apiary, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
Date: Friday 25 November 2011 20:00 – 23:00
Parhessia Sound System (Fr) – Prolific composer of sound collage plays a live quadrophonic abstract mash up to a video collage. (aka Colibri Necrophile, Chromatic, Ed End, Gestalt Orchestra). Necktar Music.
Joel Cahen – Quadrophonic sound collage
Crowd Formation – Live
Ron Briefel – multi- screen random video compilation of occurrences. Ron has been documenting his outings for years and in the most haphazard fashion, this is the first installation of a pixel-fraction of his lifelong work.
Chris Collier– The Susurrations of Seashells​
Reflexive sound work involving several multi-layered hydrophone recordings played as non-synchronised stereo loops inside sea shells. A description of the sound is written by visitors, the description is then left in the typewriter to influence the next listener’s perception of what will in fact be a different audio experience (owing to the almost infinite combinations produced by the non-synchronised stereo loops of differing durations).
Vasco Alves – AM/FM Keyboard.
6 piano keys trigger 6 radios tuned to different stations enabling one to create/play sound pieces based on what is being broadcasted at that very special moment. Every speaker as a tuner underneath which adds the option to seek for different radio stations or simply for random noise, whatever fits best on the on going sound piece.

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