Installing at swimming pools worldwide
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Wet Sounds Estonia

Transforms the swimming pool into an art space with light, underwater and over water sound and underwater performances for a floating and diving audience.

The sound is an Electro-acoustic sound collage played live.

Wet Sounds has toured the UK three times, Scandinavia and Normandy and participated in festivals in the UK and abroad. It has been awarded Arts Council England funding and PRS Foundation funding three times in a row and received support from local council, international funding organisations and cultural institutions. It featured in national and international media.

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for example:

A Three Tier Sound installation at Wet Sounds
14-15 May 2011: All Tomorrow’s Parties at Butlins Holiday Camp in Minehead, UK curated by Animal Collective.

The installation involved using three soundsystems simultaneously  with different content played through each of the separate sound spaces, three layers of sound. These three sound systems presented a split-mix three-layer abstract mash up and sometimes acted as a three-way speaker system (Low – mid – hi).

/ Four speakers playing into the swimming pool hall space above the listeners. The content through the top layer merged with the natural acoustics of the room, using mainly low and low-mid frequencies, it sounded like a cloud of sound looming over the listeners.

// Four speakers on pool side floor playing directly to the listeners as they float on the water surface, the sounds piercing through the ‘sound cloud’ using content with mainly mid-high frequencies.

/// The underwater soundsystem, distinct from the content above the water, provided a separate space for augmenting the sound narrative above the water.

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