Mash ups

Live abstract mash ups using a library of thousands of MP3s on my laptop, youtube, vinyl, CDs, DVDs, location recordings, object recordings, film excerpts, and just about any sound I find suitable at the moment. The sets are improvised using the sounds played simultaneously to create multi-layers of trans-genred narrative and cultural references in a sludge of noise that can inspire what I started calling Gestalt Listening.

Gestalt Listening, the somewhat external perception of the sound as a whole without focussing on a particular musical line, theme or instrument. Given the non-directional aspect of the delivery, the psychoacoustic perception of Gestalt Listening accesses the listeners’ cultural references, associations and memory, elevating their sound perception beyond the linearity of sonic progression to a holistic state where sound augments and supports an inner psychic state.

If you know the Magic Eye optical trickery where you need to focus your eyes to beyond the two dimensional page then this is the same, but with listening.


Abstract mash ups on live weekly radio sessions on Resonance 104.4fm (2005 – 2011) here

For example  7th Dec 09 – Soundsoup live on Resonance fm


Cacophony is a multi-channel installation at a library, sonifying the mute cacophonous space. Here

Wet Sounds is an underwater sound installation/performance that uses abstract mash up technique over two or more distinct soundsystems in a swimming pool space. more here


Various edits of live sessions and sometimes contrived mash ups. Below and here under Spax mash ups

Spax – The Copy Right II
2009 Newtoy NT008

Prospero’s Library
The Gift
Osaka Charleston