Duration: 58min

The Remote Island Tour follows Israel-born dancer choreographer Daniel Vais on an improvised tour of the islands off the West Coast of Ireland. Carrying only a backpack, and with a very limited budget, Daniel introduces contemporary dance in traditional locations and to unsuspecting audiences, creating a unique and personal experience in dance as an artistic and expressive forum, fusing and challenging traditional and modern dance practices.

Commencing the tour on the Skellig Islands off counties Kerry and Cork, The Remote Ireland Tour focuses on processes of social integration and embraces every aspect and movement in the tour, the travelling, the dance workshops, the efforts to get to know the community and the performances themselves.



Transformations of demented and bizarre characters verging on the absurd and silly. The viewer is under judgement or is being pleaded.

Perhaps The Committee are the schizo-egos of the artist making an urgent appearance from within their confined seat in the pantheon of his personalities.

Video and sound :Joel Cahen
Video Audio work expanded from a live audiovisual installation at Terra Extremitas by Foolish People in NDSM Amsterdam Aug ’08

Duration: 13min
Format: DVD
Large Projection/s stereo/quad sound
Or as a live performance with the video used as a backdrop]


Duration: 5min
Starring: Kevin LeGendre
Made by Joel Cahen and Julian Ronnefeldt

Made as part of the 48hr Film Challange. This is a bizarre short film about a need for phoning Amanda. Concieved, scripted, shot and edited in 48 hours.  Screened at Curzon Mayfair and did not win the prize despite being clearly one of the most original films there, go figure…


BUSBUG (2003)
Duration: 5:14min
Starring: Matthias Kispert

A bizarre horror tale of a compulsive obsession as a result of overuse of public transport in London. A love story? A comedy? A tragedy sickly twisted bit of a reality we’d rather ignore?
Busbug has been shown as part of several film Festivals in London, Norwich, Manchester, Berlin and Budapest and has won the Best Lo-Budget film award at the Halloween Film Festival at the ICA Jan 2005. Also Award for best short at Shortcuts film festival at the Screen On the Green on Upper Street Jan 2005.